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Ramsay Générale de Santé renews confidence in Elior Group to manage the catering, hospitality and biological cleaning services for its healthcare establishments

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Leader in the French private hospitalization sector, Ramsay Générale de Santé has renewed its partnership with Elior Group subsidiaries Elior and Elior Services for another five years.


Partners of the healthcare group's clinics and hospitals for some 25 years, Elior has developed a catering solution for Ramsay Générale de Santé’s patients and hospital staff, and Elior Services a range of biological cleaning and hospitality services. All of these services evolve to meet challenges in the public healthcare sector related to the increase in chronic diseases and outpatient surgery.

A catering solution tailored to meet patients' individual needs

Our 25-year old partnership with Elior Group has been wholly satisfactory. It is quite normal that we would want to renew it. That said, given our constant quest to improve the healthcare experience and meet the expectations of our patients we want to take this further. Elior Group’s innovative catering solutions and its hospitality and biological-cleaning services are tailored to accommodate the healthcare experience of all of our outpatient-surgery and long-stay patients.

Véronique Poulon, Purchasing Manager at Ramsay Générale de Santé

Every day, Ramsay Générale de Santé strives to provide healthy, diverse and pleasant meals for all of the hospital staff and patients in its healthcare establishments. Menus are designed to meet everybody’s individual nutritional needs. As such, the partnership with Elior comprises 18 special menus adapted to meet the specific requirements of different pathologies and includes 2 new menus for patients suffering from cancer or in dialysis.

Another novelty is the installation of discharge lounges in the healthcare group’s establishments to help patients recover after outpatient surgery. These facilities propose a range of sweet and sour snacks and refreshments adapted for all types of patients, whatever their age and medical condition. The signage system is designed to foster communication and exchange between staff and patients.

In addition, forever committed to providing quality services to patients, Ramsay Générale de Santé and Elior are pursuing their collaboration with Gault & Millau. Since 2015, the Solo Confort hotel service offers a range of Repas Plaisir meals that are adapted to three diets and tested and carry the name of the renowned French gastronomic brand.

Hospitality services to meet the needs of the patients, and outpatients in particular

As a player in the healthcare sector, Ramsay Générale de Santé pays particular attention to the cleanliness of its facilities and to controlling the risks of environment-related contamination. The renewal of the partnership with Elior Services therefore includes the biological cleaning of hospital rooms, administrative offices, consultation rooms and operating theaters, in order to ensure an optimum level of health safety for the patients.

Elior Services teams also prepare rooms, give a personalized welcome to patients and serve their meals. Additional services such as waste management and laundry are also provided. With the rest taken care of, medical staff can focus on the health and well-being of patients.

To meet the growth in demand for outpatient management, Elior Services has also developed a connected cart that enables real time communication between biological-cleaning, admission, technical and healthcare service teams. Tested in 15 of the group's establishments, this innovation gives real-time estimates of patient-discharge flows thereby reducing the amount of time incoming patients spend waiting to gain access to their rooms and boxes, which brings more comfort to them and their loved ones. Integrated into the patient’s journey, the solutions.

At Elior Group, we constantly strive to achieve operational excellence and tailor our solutions to meet the needs of our partners and clients. As such, the catering and healthcare-hospitality services we have designed for Ramsay Générale de Santé are perfectly in line with the patient experience.

Frédérique Boulay, Elior and Elior Services key accounts director for Ramsay Générale de Santé

About Ramsay Santé

After the acquisition of the Capio Group in 2018, Ramsay Santé has become the leading European provider of comprehensive healthcare services. The group now has 36,000 employees and works with nearly 8,600 private practitioners.

Present in 5 countries, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Italy, the group treats more than 7 million patients per year in its 350 facilities.

In hospitalization, Ramsay Santé offers almost all medical and surgical treatments in three business lines: Medicine-Surgery-Obstetrics (MCO), Follow-up and Rehabilitation Care (SSR) and Mental Health. Wherever it is present, the group participates in public health service missions and in the health network of the country, as in Sweden where the group has more than a hundred local health centres.

The quality and safety of care is the group's priority in all the countries where it operates. This is why the group is today one of the references in modern medicine, especially in ambulatory surgery and enhanced recovery after surgery (ARS).

The group also invests more than €200 million every year in its establishments, whether in new surgical and imaging technologies, or in the construction and modernisation of establishments. It also innovates at the service of patients with new digital tools and by developing its organisations to improve the efficiency of care.

Tuesday, february 6, 2018 tagPartnerships
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