Thursday, january 27, 2022

Ramsay Santé launches its “New Ramsay Services” solution to improve access to all treatment, healthcare and prevention

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Ramsay Santé has just announced the launch of its “New Ramsay Services” – a digital solution (website and app) for its patients, as well as all health-conscious people.

Ramsay Santé launches its “New Ramsay Services” solution to improve access to all treatment, healthcare and prevention
  • Ramsay Santé, Europe's leading provider of private hospitalisation services and primary care, has just announced the launch of its “New Ramsay Services”– a digital solution (website and app) for its patients, as well as all health-conscious people.
  • As well as featuring an overhauled interface for patient preadmission, the “New Ramsay Services” solution is packed with many other services. In just a few clicks, anyone can have their symptoms assessed, access expert-approved healthcare information, book an appointment with a professional, get medicines delivered to their home or even take out an extended hospital stay insurance policy.
  • This innovation is in line with “Yes We Care 2025”, the company's new strategic plan designed to establish the group as a “health orchestrator”, providing patients with everyday support thanks to its “digi-physical” services. 
Healthcare is undergoing a multi-faceted technological, societal and organisational revolution. Not only is it vital for Ramsay Santé to take advantage of these developments to bolster its raison d’être – “Improve health through constant innovation” – it is also a great opportunity. That is the thinking behind our launch of the “New Ramsay Services” solution to meet the needs of people who are more and more connected and increasingly on the lookout for high added-value services. So, with the help of this new tool, we are seeking to make it easier for people to access treatment and healthcare – for our patients, obviously, but for people throughout the country as well.

Pascal Roché, CEO of Ramsay Santé

A digital service platform to improve access to treatment and healthcare 

The “New Ramsay Services” solution aspires to becoming the leading healthcare and prevention solution. It can be tailored to cater to new types of behaviour, and features a multi-dimensioned, personalised digital pathway.

The portal is aimed at patients staying at the Group's facilities, as well as the wider population more generally who can access the services available (with the exception of taking out insurance policies).

The “New Ramsay Services” solution includes:
  • A symptom self-assessment tool: for finding out what the most suitable healthcare service is;
  • A home medicine delivery service, in partnership with start-up Pharmao;
  • A geolocation service for identifying the closest emergency services (all types of facilities). For Ramsay Santé emergency services, a real-time waiting time indicator is provided;
  • Access to the directory of Ramsay Santé group practitioners, with the option to book an appointment online;
  • Information content about healthcare and prevention (articles, videos, graphics, podcasts), all approved by scientific experts;
  • The option to take out ambulatory and hospitalisation or maternity extension insurance (personal assistance services, social and psychological assistance, etc.) in partnership with AXA Partners.
Furthermore, the “New Ramsay Services” solution still features an online preadmission pathway for its patients.

The maternity pathway has also been expanded with the option to book an appointment with an independent midwife and get fast access to all services making up the My Nea support programme for future mothers (free maternity-themed conferences and workshops, sophrology, prenatal singing, etc.).

Symptoms analyser and medicine delivery: new services 

Analyse your symptoms with Ramsay Services

Ramsay Services' symptoms analysis tool is a free service that makes it easier to: 
  • refer a user to the right service and ascertain the level of urgency based on their answers. The tool will recommend one of the following actions:
    • Visit A&E or dial 15.
    • Book a GP appointment within the next 24 hours.
    • Book a GP appointment, but without any urgency.
    • Simply keep an eye on the symptoms and if they continue, book an appointment.
Users will then be asked to create an account or to log in to book an appointment or access more information.
  • get information, such as a list of probable conditions that may cause the symptoms that the user has entered.
In no way do the information and advice provided by this tool replace a medical consultation, nor do they constitute a diagnosis.

Ramsay Santé is working with Infermedica, a Polish company which has developed this technology. Artificial Intelligence combines the knowledge of numerous doctors, scientific literature and statistical data gleaned from thousands of patient cases.  

Home delivery of medicines

Ramsay Santé has teamed up with start-up Pharmao to provide everybody in France who is unable or does not want to get to a pharmacy with a home delivery service for their medicines. They can receive their medicines within one hour (starting from when they finish preparing the order), 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Pharmao operates in more than 250 towns in France and works with more than 1000 partner pharmacies. Only medicines available on prescription can be delivered. Deliveries are made by independent Pharmao deliverers.

Longer-stay hospital insurance for greater peace of mind  

Ramsay Santé has teamed up with AXA Partners, the experts in innovative health support services, to create a longer stay insurance policy for patients who need to stay in hospital for longer than planned.

This new digital offering is aimed at future mothers, as well as people hospitalised in an outpatient setting. It provides people with psychological support and access to healthcare professionals to answer any questions and give medical and paramedical advice as soon as they sign up.

Other services can be activated on request for people finding they have to stay longer than planned in hospital, including:
  • Looking after and facilitating the presence of a close friend or family member at the hospital to support the patient;
  • The provision of home-help services to support the family, such as childcare, housework and school support.
  • Specific support for young mothers suffering from postpartum depression and the provision of a paediatric nurse so they can get a good night’s sleep and take the time they need to recover.
  • Coverage of transport costs between the medical centre and your home or another healthcare centre for medical appointments.
The hospital stay extension policy can be used until up to 20 days after a patient has left hospital.

Ramsay Services is available from and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

About Ramsay Santé

Ramsay Santé is the leader in private hospitalisation and primary care in Europe. The Group has 36,000 employees and works with nearly 9,300 practitioners to treat more than 10 million patients per year in its 443 facilities and 5 countries: France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Italy. Ramsay Santé offers almost all medical and surgical specialities in three domains: Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics (MSO), Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation (FCR) and Mental Health.

Legally, Ramsay Santé is a mission-oriented company committed to constantly improving the health of all patients through innovation. Wherever it operates, the Group contributes to public health service missions and the healthcare network. Through its actions and the constant dedication of its teams, Ramsay Santé is committed to ensuring the entire patient care journey, from prevention to follow-up care.

Every year, the group invests over 200 million euros in innovation to support the evolution and diversity of care pathways, in medical, hospital, digital, and administrative aspects. Through this commitment, our Group enhances access to care for all, commits to provides best-in-class healthcare, systematically engages in dialogue with stakeholders and strives to protect the planet to improve health.

Thursday, january 27, 2022
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