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Ramsay Santé acquires the Clinique La Recouvrance in the Haute-Garonne (31 - France)

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The acquisition of this Follow-up and Rehabilitation Care (FRC) facility specialising in addiction treatment strengthens Ramsay Santé's presence in Toulousain, where the Group already has a mental health clinic: The Beaupuy Clinic.

Ramsay Santé acquires the pediment Recovery Clinic in the Haute-Garonne (31 - France)
  • Ramsay Santé, one of the European leaders in private hospitalisation and primary care with 343 health facilities in 6 countries, announces that it has finalised the acquisition of the Clinique La Recouvrance in Fronton (31).
  • The acquisition of this FCR facility specialising in addiction treatment will strengthen Ramsay Santé's presence in the Toulouse region where the group already has a mental health clinic: the Clinique de Beaupuy.
  • Following the purchase of the Alpha Alcoholology Centre in Royan (17) at the end of 2018, Ramsay Santé intends to strengthen its regional network of addiction care services. 
Ramsay Santé, one of the main players in private psychiatry with 30 facilities in France, representing nearly 20% of private hospitalisation in psychiatry, finalised the acquisition of the Clinique La Recouvrance in July 2020.

The Clinique La Recouvrance will become part of the group's Mental Health division, making it its fifth facility exclusively dedicated to the treatment of addiction, after the Clinique Philaé in Pont-Péan (35), the Clinique Saint-Barnabé in Marseille (13), the Clinique des Platanes in Epinay-sur-Seine (93) and the Centre Alcoologique Alpha in Royan (17).

Involved in 30% of deaths before the age of 65, addictions are responsible for almost 100,000 deaths a year in France*. As a major player in private psychiatry, it is our duty to develop addictology care to help patients better understand their illness and provide them with tools to reduce risks. Through this acquisition, we are proud to offer a strengthened care offer in the Toulouse region. Improving a person's quality of life is a victory.

Odile Agopian, Chief Operations and Development Officer for Mental Health in France

The Clinique La Recouvrance welcomes people with behavioural addictive behaviour or with a psychoactive substance (alcohol, drugs, etc.) who wish to engage in a process of post-withdrawal care. It offers therapies enabling the patient to develop and use strategies for maintaining and reinforcing abstinence, through creativity, play, communication, expression, listening and socialisation.

Composed of a team of about 25 collaborators, including 5 doctors and 2 psychologists specialised in cognitive behavioural therapies, EMDR and hypnosis, the Clinique La Recouvrance will be directed by Sabine Biau, also director of the nearby Clinique de Beaupuy (31), a mental health facility. The group thus intends to promote business synergies between the two facilities. The specialisation in addictology at the Clinique La Recouvrance will thus complete the multidisciplinary range of psychiatric care services offered by the Clinique de Beaupuy.

Ramsay Santé is planning to expand the Clinique La Recouvrance in order to improve both the range of private rooms available and the conditions in which patients are received and cared for.

* Source: Ministry of Solidarity and Health

About Ramsay Santé UK

After the acquisition of Capio AB Group in 2018, Ramsay Santé has become one of the leaders of the private hospitalisation and primary care in Europe with 36 000 employees and 8 600 practitioners serving 7 millions patients in our 350 facilities in five countries : France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy.
Ramsay Santé offers almost all medical and surgical specialities in three business areas : general hospitals (medicine – surgery – obstetric), follow-up care and rehabilitation clinics, mental health. In all its territories, the group contributes to missions of public service and to the territorial sanitory disposal, as for example in Sweden with more than 100 proximity care units.
The quality and security of care is the group’s priority. As such our group is today a reference in terms of modern medicine, especially in outpatient care and enhanced recovery.
Every year, the group invests more than €200M in innovation whether it is in new surgical or imaging technologies, in building or modernising its facilities… The group also innovates in its organization and digitalization in order to deliver care in a more efficient way to the benefit of the patient.

Thursday, july 30, 2020 tagAcquisition / Sale
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